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CloudFlare CDN: HTML Page Cache and Admin Login

Careful when you use CloudFlare CDN for serving HTML pages. By default, it only serve static content (CSS, JS, and images). Wrong page rule can cause your admin session cached and presented to users when they will visit blog post. On blog post, admin panel that comes at top can… (Continue)

How Do You Think Amazon Cloudfront Works?

For Amazon Cloudfront to work, you just need to tell it where is your publicly accessible file and it start serving your file. How does it work? How can it server files to users without you giving them file by uploading those files? Website owner mention resource url which ask… (Continue)

Amazon S3 or CloudFront! Why I need Two?

If you got question after reading my previous post regarding Cloudfront implementation then this link - S3 and CloudFront difference is for you. For me, I do not need Amazon S3 and cloudfront is enough. With all new browsers using 4-6 simultaneous download compared to earlier only 2 download, I… (Continue)

Just a quick post about jQuery on Google CDN

I was using 1.3.2 version of jQuery on this blog using Google CDN URL: First this is not very good URL in the sense that few proxy is not good in caching the URLs with parameter. One example is squid. I am not sure about the current version of… (Continue)

How to Delete Cached File on Client Side ?

How do you delete the file that is cached on Browser due to future expire header set by your web application? Future expire header is suggested for static content such as image, CSS and JavaScript. These are the contents that rarely change and can be set in future. If you… (Continue)

WordPress and Content Delivery Network

WordPress has a nice feature of moving Wp-Content folder to a different place. This can be helpful for Content Delivery Network management. Wp-Content directory include all theme files, plugins and any uploads you have. We can use Content Delivery Network to parallelize the connection in Browser and distribute the loads… (Continue)