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PHP Date / Time Function: strtotime

PHP has number of date and time functions. One is date(), which I feel, is most used date and time function. Time() function can be another most used time function. But the most interesting date and time function I feel is the function strtotime(). It is interesting as it understand… (Continue)

Web Browser Usage Comparison – Feb/March 2010

Here are some stats about browser usages by visitors on my blog (Web Scripting). Data and graph presents are from my cPanel application Awstats and Google Analytics. Here is a Browser Usage stats from March 1 to 6. Data taken from Google Analytics. Browser Usage March 1- 6 - Web… (Continue)

Web Scripting Top Blog Posts of 2009

All are writing something something related to year end. So, what should I write. I though to write about the top visited posts of 2009 on my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading it. I am sure my regular visitors will like this post. Dynamically Populate Select List by… (Continue)

Linux Distribution Comparison

Looking for comparing various Linux distributions? At this place you can compare various kind of distribution very easily. Linux has lots of brands and each has something special. This make us confused in selection. This site will not help in every small detail but gives a general idea of various… (Continue)

Linux – Far better than before

Linux is far better than before now for a desktop environment. Its use of GUI mode with earlier text only mode has helped many person to think of the Linux system. Its use of GUI installer (Ubuntu-Synaptic, Fedora-Yum), which can resolve all dependencies is very helpful for users. It is… (Continue)

Web Browser Speed Comparison

I was looking for web browser that takes least memory. My PC is old so I was looking for least expensive web browser in term of memory usage and CPU usage for my PC. I cannot use Google chrome as I am using Win 2000 on my home PC. I… (Continue)