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JavaScript Date Range

Here is code which restricts user to pick date in range. It is not about the normal "From:" and "To:" dates. The script is about the months you allow to pick in 12 months. The below code show the date from previous months of the current year to the current… (Continue)

PHP Date / Time Function: strtotime

PHP has number of date and time functions. One is date(), which I feel, is most used date and time function. Time() function can be another most used time function. But the most interesting date and time function I feel is the function strtotime(). It is interesting as it understand… (Continue)

Y2K38 Bug and PHP DateTime Class to the rescue

Are you aware of Y2K38 bug. I guess you are aware of it but do not know it by name. You may know that on 32 bit system, PHP date time can work from 1970 to 2038. 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038 is farthest date you can use to… (Continue)

Back Date Of Your System Can Crash Firefox

I was in trouble for few days, when at the time of shutdown I started getting a popup which has the title "nsappshell:EventWindow". I googled it, and had found very little info about this. My system used to crash very badly. It even freeze the Task manager. Somehow I realized… (Continue)