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Console.log Shortcut

Here is console.log shortcut which could be useful debugging tool: // usage: log('inside coolFunc',this,arguments); // window.log = function(){ log.history = log.history || []; // store logs to an array for reference log.history.push(arguments); if(this.console){ console.log( ); } }; It is taken from this Paul Irish blog. Though here is… (Continue)

Solution to WordPress Blank Web Pages without error Display

Are you getting blank pages on WordPress without any error displaying on web browser? I got this error when I have deactivated the W3 Total Cache and with that removed subdomain used as cdn. Therefore, I have shifted all the media files to normal upload directly. In the process I… (Continue)

Few very useful tools for Web Developers

Few tools are very essential for for Web Developers. Firebug is now a platform for many new tools in Firefox to assist developers. You need Firebug installed to install and use those tools. Search on for firebug and you will get lots of plugin, which are dependent on firebug.… (Continue)