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How to Clear Browser Cache ?

Here is an article for - How to clear your browser cache? It is not a question for most of you but I am writing it for all those who are reaching at How to Delete Cached File on Client Side ? when they just want to delete his own… (Continue)

WordPress: Categories to Tags Conversion

I have to convert few categories to tags and put all those post which are holding the current categories, which are going to become tags, to new categories. We have facility in WordPress to convert categories to tags. You will find this link in Categories menu inside Post section. Please… (Continue)

Javascript: Remove / Delete a Select Option from List

To remove the Options from Select list, you need to assign NULL value to the option you want to delete. Or, you can use function remove() on select object. Solution here are using simple JavaScript. After this, you will find solution using JQuery. <script type="text/javascript"> function remSelOpt(inp1, sel1) { len1… (Continue)