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Web Frameworks to Experiment in 2014

Here I present few Web Designing Frameworks to experiment in new year. Recent Frameworks not only came to help us fast develop websites but also give us some general good practices on many fronts. Recently when I thought to develop my own WordPress Theme then I looked at so many… (Continue)

Google See the Site Multi-Screen Optimized

Google has given 5 stars to this website for being Multi-screen Optimized. It took lots of hard work for me to make this new design and also I spent time to make design responsive. So, it feel good to see this in Google's Adsense panel.… (Continue)

How to Use Google’s Adsense Code for Responsive Design?

In days of responsive design, two resources are out there which need special attention. One is images and another is any Ad code you or client may be using on Website or Blog. This is because they can be difficult to customize. This article is about customizing AdSense code to… (Continue)

Apple’s Guiding Principles for a Better Web Experience

Here is Apple's guidelines for designing Web Experience. Apple has made designing a very important aspect in developing product. Apple is in Software and Hardware product development. Here is Human Interface Guidelines from Apple: Aesthetic Integrity: “Aesthetic integrity is not a measure of how beautiful an app is. It’s a… (Continue)

UML Diagrams – Created for my first PHP Application

This is the Diagram I have prepared for my MCA project. The project was the first one in PHP and MySQL I developed in 2004. I studied very hard to grasp everything about UML and used only that part which was required in my project. But all those work could… (Continue)

Optimized Images at your Desktop in just Two clicks

You can get all background images and other images, you are using on multiple pages, on your website get optimized in two clicks. You will find it at your desktop. Image optimization is very important for your page loading time and speed of your site. It saves valuable bandwidth also… (Continue)

Google’s Website Performance tool – Page-Speed

Google has introduced website optimization tool, which is like yahoo's yslow. Like Yslow, page-speed also use Firebug as a platform. So, before installing page-speed, install Mozilla Firebug Add-on on your system. It is simple to use and understand. It comes with ready and easy to use help guide. Page-speed can… (Continue)

Make Image’s Corners Round using GIMP

GIMP is a One of the best image Editor available. It is released under GNU license. So, you can use it free of cost. GIMP is an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc. For person like… (Continue)