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Now, I Wish to pay for Free Software I am using Regularly

I wish to pay for few software or applications I am using regularly. These software companies can start with very little amount so that it is easier to pay. It should not be costly like Microsoft software. Lets start with USD 2 to 5. After all I am not paying… (Continue)

Important Linux Commands for Developers

Here are few Linux/Unix commands useful for developers in day-to-day work. If you worked on Linux system then you may have used these commands but you may just be very basic on those command to stand out. You may need a little brush up with commands so that you can… (Continue)

Web Summit at GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit), 2010

I was at GIDS Web Summit, 2010 today (April, 20, 2010). It was a good experience to be there. Few speakers could not make into to the summit due to volcanic eruption otherwise it could be very good. I could not attend two of the planned speaker due to this.… (Continue)

GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit), Bangalore 2009

I have attended GIDS Workshop on Saturday (25 April, 2009). It was a summit for developer. So, many IT companies came for product advertisement and spreading information about their products.Each day different session was organized. I have attended Workshop only, which was the last day of the developer summit.Workshop session… (Continue)