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How to Avoid Duplicate URLs Issue in Google Webmasters Tool

Are you getting duplicate Title warning in Google Webmasters tool? This come when you have same Title meta tag and different URLs. If URL is really different then we need to correct the title tag on Head section. Sometimes we do not have different URLs but the the same URL… (Continue)

MySQL: Remove Duplicate Rows/Records from Table

How to remove duplicate entries from a table? Here are few methods for deleting duplicate rows/records from a table in mysql. The same concept will work in other database table for example, Oracle, as well. Methods of deleting duplicate records in a table:- 1. Alter table for adding unique index… (Continue)

Check and Remove Duplicate Values from PHP Array

I want to check whether my array holds duplicate entry and if it holds duplicate values then remove those duplicate value. This code will directly remove the duplicate value from an Array. 1. Remove duplicate values from an array <?php $arrUnique = array_unique ($array1); ?> This array_unique function work in… (Continue)