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Few Useful Eclipse Shortcuts I Use And Wish To Remember

To work on Android, I need to use Eclipse. Google’s Android Studio is very new and not that good for new Android Learners. Many functionalities are not working in Android Studio. You need to update Android Studio periodically by uninstalling older Android Studio. I try to remember at least those… (Continue)

Manage Projects in Eclipse

Eclipse has a way to manage projects. Many times you may have wished to categories projects in Eclipse! There is a way in Eclipse and that is by using "Working Sets". Here is how it looks when you have many projects on Project Explorer: This is how you can do… (Continue)

Eclipse Editor – Associating a file type to editor

Eclipse editor can be used for various programming language. Depending on your language you may need to do some setting in your editor. File type can be one such thing. *.class is the common file extension used for many language. If you are a PHP developer then you will like… (Continue)

Eclipse Workspace In Use Or Cannot Be Created

Some of the eclipse editor's messages are very annoying and difficult to understand. One such message is: eclipse workspace in use or cannot be created. And it offer no solution to this problem. I have to manually solve this. I got this problem when my network drive was unaccessible. Go… (Continue)