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PHPEd Version 6 is ready to get released

A major version of PHPEd (v6), an IDE for PHP is ready to come into market. Many of you may know about PHPEd. It is good IDE but only not so good thing is that it is not open source. New features in PHPEd 6 are greatly improved php code… (Continue)

EditPlus Text Editor’s Encoding support

I am using Editplus from quite long time. I use it as it is fast and efficient in whatever it is capable of doing. It is lightweight. EditPlus has very good support of Unicode. It's  encoding facility works very well. It can auto detect encoding of a file and use… (Continue)

Junk Character Problem with ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) Encoding

Here is a rumbling about the Junk characters that appear from time to time on page due to wrong settings on editors or for other reason. Take this text for example: Europa im Mietwagen bis zu 15 % GÜNSTIGER Große Tour – große Ersparnis! Here is image of the above… (Continue)

Online HTML Characters Encoding Tool for Script posting

Here is an online HTML characters encoding tool I have created for those who post script on a blog or webpage. It will convert all the <, >, ' and " characters to html entities. I was doing it manually everytime by searching < and replacing it with &gt; and… (Continue)

Eclipse Editor – Associating a file type to editor

Eclipse editor can be used for various programming language. Depending on your language you may need to do some setting in your editor. File type can be one such thing. *.class is the common file extension used for many language. If you are a PHP developer then you will like… (Continue)

Quanta Plus Text Editor is Back for me

After so many months, cute Quanta Plus is back for me. I will work on Linux, so now I can use Quanta Plus. As soon as I get an installation, I tried to search for the setting I used to use on my previous installation. I searched some of them… (Continue)

Eclipse Workspace In Use Or Cannot Be Created

Some of the eclipse editor's messages are very annoying and difficult to understand. One such message is: eclipse workspace in use or cannot be created. And it offer no solution to this problem. I have to manually solve this. I got this problem when my network drive was unaccessible. Go… (Continue)