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PHP Custom Error Handler

This is custom error handler in PHP. You can use your custom error handler for showing the error in you customized format, logging the error in a log file and for other reason. <?php //error handler function function customError($errno, $errstr, $fileName, $lineNo) { switch ($errno) { // fatal error. die… (Continue)

Forms Error Catching and Displaying in Symfony

In actions.class.php page of symfony framework, you can catch errors and display those errors in template. Set errors in your action/method using: <?php if ($error) { $this->getRequest()->setError('userName', 'The user Name field cannot be left blank'); $this->getRequest()->setError('email', 'The Email field cannot be left blank'); return false; } ?> Return false is… (Continue)

JavaScript Error Handling for Beginners

Please, do not forget to read the small updates below on JavaScript debugging. Ya, that is important. Thanks! First of all I will suggest moving to Firefox browser. There you will get JavaScript console (Firefox: Tools->JavaScript Console) which is very useful for JavaScript debugging. Old IE style error message box… (Continue)