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New WordPress Plugin: Escape HTML

Many of WordPress users post codes online. Code can be HTML code, JavaScript code, PHP script or any other kind of code, codes need to be escaped so that it can come correctly in web page. I used to use this tool for escaping script for online posting on WordPress… (Continue)

PHP Security: Remove Default Escaping In PHP

Reading this post first may be helpful! Remove default PHP escaping and apply your own at runtime. This way you are safe at client's setting of magic quote in their php.ini. PHP has default escaping functionality. It escapes all incoming data. It is preferred not to use default magic quote… (Continue)

PHP Website Security: Basic and Easy Solution

Simplest solution to php website security is initializing variable before use, plus filter input and escape output. Filter all input coming from outside world and escape all output. Data can be user-supplied data (Ex. form data), URL data from get parameter, XML data when XML file is coming from other… (Continue)