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Opentype vs Truetype – Differences

Just few days back we in India, we got Indian Rupee symbol approved by Indian government and so after that we got a font for the new symbol. A company named Foradian has developed the font that has Indian Rupee symbol. Later it added other characters. Rupee Symbol. Indian currency… (Continue)

PHP Extensions List

PHP has lots of extensions and many are loaded by defaults based on PHP version you are using. I was just reading about this PHP function get_loaded_extensions(), which gives you list of PHP extensions loaded in your installation and thought of writing this post. To get list of available PHP… (Continue)

How to disable or remove Buzz?

Just now I got to know something about Google Buzz when I booted my Laptop and opened my Gmail account and I thought not to use it for now. It is distracting for me. I already have lots of social networking sites, Twitter, gTalk, skype and mobile phone and others… (Continue)

PHP: Getting File extension and file basename

Here is a script for getting file extension. It will take care of the file name like this: etc and not only or fileename.php. It will get your last part of file irrespective of how many dots in file. <?php // will get the file name out of… (Continue)

Brizzly – a Chrome Extension for Facebook and Twitter

Today, I have tried Brizzly. It is a Google Chrome browser extension. It is a perfect extension if you are using fast browser Chrome on your system and you also regularly use Facebook and Twitter application. As I have experienced it is fast and works well for both Facebook and… (Continue)

My First Public View of Google Wave (know how to use)

I got Google Sandbox account a month back, but I have written earlier I could not do much on it. But few days back I got wave account which was preview version and was better than Sandbox. But I could not check much. But now I thought to give it… (Continue)

Assign File Extension to pages in Symfony

You can very easily assign file extension of your choice to pages in Symfony framework. Go to your modules's ./config/settings.xml file and assign page extension of your choice. If settings.yml page is not available then create it. prod: .settings: no_script_name: off suffix: .html dev: .settings: error_reporting: 4095 web_debug: on no_script_name:… (Continue)