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Two News From Facebook today

Facebook () has announced two new development today. One is surely bad as I see and another is ok-ok or good. First news is that Facebook will add pay button for Charity posted post. You can directly pay from the post itself, if you wish to pay for that Charity.… (Continue)

How to Get Facebook User Id

It was fun finding Facebook user ID (uid). I need to search everywhere for this. It is my user Id but it is not available on Facebook profile. Trick I got is, post a comment on any Facebook page and mouse over your name in your post comment. You will… (Continue)

Facebook: How to Logout from all Logged in Devices ?

Forgot to logout from somewhere! Do you want to logout from logged in devices you logged in yourself but now thinking of someone else may be using it! Well, Facebook has the facility to help you get detail about logged in devices and logout from those places if you wish… (Continue)

Facebook Security Issue: Save yourself from Bad Applications

Facebook has many applications you might tempt to use. One such application is the application which claims to show how many visitor visiting to your profile. Control yourself from using these kind of application. Check on net before using any application or don't use them. Even after controlling yourself from… (Continue)

Facebook Profile View Tracker Or Profile Visitors

Today I saw message regarding Facebook profile views through my connections on Facebook. I generally do not subscribe to application without checking a little. If a Facebook application is very important then I use that thinking - ok, after all Facebook is for fun! This application, which is about… (Continue)

Canvas page Error for Facebook App

I was working on my sample Facebook Application and continue to get this message: Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Go Back If I enter wrong input then it warn me of validation error, but when I enter correct input then… (Continue)

Adding Facebook Like button on Website is as easy as 1-2-3

I was using a Plugin for Facebook Like button. It was working but not correctly. I cannot add comment using that. Only Like functionality was working. I tried to fix that was cannot. Recently I tried to get code directly from Facebook and it is very easy to setup. For… (Continue)