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Oh! I will bug again to my follower and feedburner

Need to bug again for feedburner test. I have few more fuel to test this feed to feedburner redirect. After that I will think what to do to solve this problem - problem of redirecting every kind of WordPress feed (including Category and tag feed) to Feedburner. But, I can… (Continue)

Yet Another Feed to Feedburner redirect Test Blog

If this works and feedburner updates it soon (possibly within an hr!) then my testing is over for wordpress feed to feedburner feed redirect. Lets see! lots of work need to do. Also my feed appeared to be larger than 512k or 576k So I need to set feed site… (Continue)

Redirect WordPress feed to Feedburner

Update (21-02-2010): I become tired testing Feedburner for recursive redirection problem. I need to wait for feedburner's FeedBulletin for my account. and It does not come to check as and when you say to do so.  So, I have got a smart solution which can get me what I want… (Continue)

New Rss Feed of Web Scripting

I have recently changed RSS feed address from boring/long to short URL. In feedburner you have facility to create new feedburner address and use new feedburner URL. Old address can be pointed to newly created feedburner URL address. There is a facility to set window period of deleting the old… (Continue)

Get Online Live Feed of any topic you want!

Are you a data juggler? Need lots of data to eat, drink and play! Then join LazyFeed. It gives live feed updates from numerous web sites across the web in real time. You will feel full (fool!) of stomach. I tried it and thought who can use this? May be… (Continue)

Full Feed Released for the Blog

After many years of running this blog, I have decided to give full feed access to my blog followers. Many readers only read news through feed readers and they are very attached to it. I read at many places that they do not like post summary in the feed. Website… (Continue)