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Most Used PC and Mobile Web Browser

This is part-2 of the stats about Web Technology. What is most used Web Browser for Mobile and Desktop/Laptop/PC users? In this fast paced Browser war who is winning and who is loosing? Well Internet Explorer is loosing and it really lost in current Web Browser war. For the first… (Continue)

Track dynamic change in DOM through Firefox plugin

I was looking for plugin or any means to track change made in HTML DOM dynamically. JavaScript of any kind can change DOM at run time. It is generally difficult to know what got changed and where. Finally at one good day I got a Firefox Add-on, which tells me… (Continue)

Easy Reading Online Article on Web Page

Make reading easier online article on web pages with reader plugins. These plugins are available on both Firefox and Chrome browsers. I have found two plugins for reading pages with lots of data easier. One is iReader and another is just Reader. iReader is good one. Compared to background article,… (Continue)

Firefox 8: New Features

Today accepted the Update request from Firefox. I was running Firefox 7.x. Problem with latest update can be the Adons I am using. Adons may not work with the latest version of Firefox. So, I wait a little so that Adons provider can update their product by that time. Searched… (Continue)

Benefits of Firefox Plugin – Alexa-Sparky

Alexa Sparky Firefox plugin is a tool used for website's SEO analysis. It tells about Site's Traffic Stats, Search Analysis, Audience and other. You can login to amazon site and review your favorite site as well. Alexa Sparky is a Amazon product. It helps me in seeing a website's worth,… (Continue)

Blog Web Scripting’s Vital Stats

Time has come again for vital stats about the blog "Web Scripting -  A web development blog". I have taken snapshots from Google Analytics tool. I will present monthly visitors, OS wise share of visitors to this blog, Web Browsers share of visitors to this blog and new in the… (Continue)

Opera 11: Show and Hide Menu Bar

Just installed Web Browser Opera again. Many times I installed other browsers and went back to Firefox. This time too I have uninstalled Firefox as I was feeling it slow from few days. There were few Java API crash and that was disabled (due to crash automatically, etc) and new… (Continue)

Firefox Link Properties (Element Properties) in Context Menu

Firefox has removed Link properties in content menu in version 3.6. Today, I have installed Firefox 3.6 at my laptop and found link properties missing. Properties are useful in checking link and image. I can see whether link is nofollow link or it has any JavaScript function associated with it.… (Continue)

Browser Market Share – Sept, 2010

Browser Market Share, Sept 2010 - Worldwide Browser Market share, sept 2010 Browser Market Share, Sept 2010 - Worldwide, Visitors Sept 2010 browser share - visitors 54.17 % - Firefox, 22.25% - Chrome, 16.72 % - IE, 3.82 % - Safari, 2.27 % - Opera. Browser Market Share,… (Continue)