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HTTP Header for email – List-Unsubscribe

I have noticed a header in use these days. It is "List-Unsubscribe". When this header is used in sending email then email client can use this to unsubscribe you from the mailing list. Here is how it is coming on Gmail on show details: I have another desktop email client… (Continue)

How to disable or remove Buzz?

Just now I got to know something about Google Buzz when I booted my Laptop and opened my Gmail account and I thought not to use it for now. It is distracting for me. I already have lots of social networking sites, Twitter, gTalk, skype and mobile phone and others… (Continue)

Images in Gmail’s Email Body

Gmail does not allow directly to add insert images on email body. But there is a hack.If you want to insert images from online page then just copy that image. For copy image, right click, and click on View Image or View Background Image. Now, only a image will be… (Continue)

Gmail- Login without chat (gTalk)

Sometimes you may want to login into Gmail (Google email service) without being noticed by anyone through gTalk. If your status of gTalk was visible on last login then you will be visible on this login as soon as you login into Gmail. For some reason you do not want… (Continue)

Integrate another Email Account with Gmail Account

Integrating another email account with Gmail is quite easy and free. You can integrate another email account (office account, etc) with google and send the email from gmail as an another account. This can be useful for many reason. This can help you check your emails on various email account… (Continue)