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Enjoy Google Searches ThroughOut Year with Fun

Google has created a fun for us to see what Searches around the world people did on Google. Fun to Watch Zeitgeist Just visit Google Zeitgeist 2013 link and click on Play. Then mouse over any city of the world and leave the mouse. If your city is not in… (Continue)

Google See the Site Multi-Screen Optimized

Google has given 5 stars to this website for being Multi-screen Optimized. It took lots of hard work for me to make this new design and also I spent time to make design responsive. So, it feel good to see this in Google's Adsense panel.… (Continue)

Google Got Online Teachers for Everyone

Google has launched Helpouts like Hangouts. It provides one to one guidance online. Learning is a continuous process and we learn throughout life. We can improve ourselves by learning little throughout life and excel in field we choose. If you think you should have learnt more in school and from… (Continue)

Effect of Cloudflare on Page Load Time on Satya-Weblog

Few weeks before I have started using cloudflare services. This post is regarding the effect on the page load time performance of the blog by using cloud flare CDN. Through this post, I am trying to reveal how much effect cloudflare can have on your website. I am using free… (Continue)

Internet from Balloon!!! No. Yes, It is a Loon Project by Google

Google has launched a Loon project which uses balloon for providing Internet access to the masses which is not having access to Internet. This is not a April Fool by Google thought to me it look like that. 🙂 Google has started the service in New Zealand's South Island which… (Continue)

Google Webmaster Site Performance

Google has a webmasters site where you can see many information about your site. Important metrics are search queries, crawl errors, sitemap information, and keywords. There are many other information you can find there. Just register your site and everything will be available once you visit there. Google will collect… (Continue)

Google Search with Social Media

Google is integrating Google Search with Social Media. Now you can share content on Google+ from the Search page itself. It has also removed the top Navigation Bar having links to +You Web Image etc with Drop-Down on Google Logo. Here is the screenshot of the change I see. Though… (Continue)

Easiest way to Track Links click and Usage

There are various tools and applications available for tracking outgoing link tracking or tracking which link used how many times. Few methods for tracking link clicks are mentioned in my old post. Here is the simplest method I feel to track the click and usage of any link on your… (Continue)