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RESTful new Custom Search API by Google

Google has announced new API for Custom Search. It is currently in Labs. It is always confusing for me to what API is for what use. Google has lots of search API for different usage. Google already has this API for Custom Search. [This code has been committed to GitHub.]… (Continue)

Just a quick post about jQuery on Google CDN

I was using 1.3.2 version of jQuery on this blog using Google CDN URL: First this is not very good URL in the sense that few proxy is not good in caching the URLs with parameter. One example is squid. I am not sure about the current version of… (Continue)

Number of Announcements about change in Google docs, API etc.

Google has announced number of changes in its API usage policies, Documentation and its publishing place change and even it has announced to retire many blogs to maintain only one blog to keep all updated easily. Google will retire this blog in favor of Here is story in… (Continue)

Google Redirect Virus Causing Google Result Redirected

I faced security problem in my system. It has given a tough time for 2 days. I have a licensed version of McAfee Anti-Virus, but still I got infected with Google redirect virus. The virus was affecting the search result. So, when I have searched anything in Google and on… (Continue)

How to Avoid Duplicate URLs Issue in Google Webmasters Tool

Are you getting duplicate Title warning in Google Webmasters tool? This come when you have same Title meta tag and different URLs. If URL is really different then we need to correct the title tag on Head section. Sometimes we do not have different URLs but the the same URL… (Continue)

Enable Multiple Account Sign-up in Google

Do you maintain multiple Google's accounts. One for work and one for home or One for general stuff and another for very important work like Google cart, payment and other stuff. If you maintain multiple account then you may be using two browser sometimes just for keeping up with multiple… (Continue)

Google Apps for Government

Google has introduced Google Applications for Government. This is currently available only for United States. Google Apps for Government will be same as you know the Applications but it will come with extra security. It will be hosted separately and not with the general one. Google Applications is the first… (Continue)

Google Analytics: Track Outbound Links And Special Pages

Google analytics has lots of functionality but it does not provide an easy way of tracking outbound links on click. MyBlogLog provides this functionality is very useful way but that is free only 10 entry each days. That also has restriction on free version that you cannot see report after… (Continue)

Google Font API: Fonts Viewer – Preview all available Fonts in Google Directory

Continue from Google Font API: Why it exists and How it is useful!- jQuery(document).ready(function() {setTimeout('clearTimeout(rltid)',200000);}) Google API Font Viewer Application: Google Font Viewer Application will display text using all fonts available as of today according to style you provide below. I checked the application only in Firefox. 'Show me' button… (Continue)