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I used this and and I got this page everytime: I tried many times as I have used google wave just a day before. After repeated attempt, I thought there can be some problem. Then I understand that the Google account I am already logged in has… (Continue)

My First Public View of Google Wave (know how to use)

I got Google Sandbox account a month back, but I have written earlier I could not do much on it. But few days back I got wave account which was preview version and was better than Sandbox. But I could not check much. But now I thought to give it… (Continue)

Google Wave: I am Lost or Where are the gems?

I got Google Wave invitation and after that I have spent few hours in few days. When I first logged-in I thought there will be lots of good stuff to watch, but nothing was there. Then I have logged-in using my test account given with the main account. I started… (Continue)

Got Google Wave Invitation

Yesterday, I got Google Wave invitation. It has asked me to fill a form. The form asked few details and also asked about the possible username I want to take. It has asked me three possible usernames and telling all three usernames was mandatory. Funny! I got invitation on the… (Continue)