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Client-Side Security Threats and Solutions

With so many new APIs came with HTML5, new web security challenges with it. There are few new security solutions we can use to secure our websites. Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=3600; includeSubDomains Secure and HttpOnly Cookie attributes Content-Security-Policy: policy: Defines the origin of all scripts and images. It even disables all inline… (Continue)

HTTP Header for email – List-Unsubscribe

I have noticed a header in use these days. It is "List-Unsubscribe". When this header is used in sending email then email client can use this to unsubscribe you from the mailing list. Here is how it is coming on Gmail on show details: I have another desktop email client… (Continue)

PHP: Get Headers using cURL

How to get headers using cURL in PHP? We can know the health of a web page without visiting a link. We can get the information about link status whether is returning response 200 or it is moved it somewhere else or it is dead. <?php /** * Script to… (Continue)

PHP + CURL: Get Returned Content Mime Type

Did you ever tried to get mime type of the returned content in CURL! I was writing a small application for something and thought to know the Content-Type (mime type) of the response data returned by CURL's exec(). Before thinking of anything else, I habitually started Goggling and found this… (Continue)

EditPlus Text Editor’s Encoding support

I am using Editplus from quite long time. I use it as it is fast and efficient in whatever it is capable of doing. It is lightweight. EditPlus has very good support of Unicode. It's  encoding facility works very well. It can auto detect encoding of a file and use… (Continue)

How to Delete Cached File on Client Side ?

How do you delete the file that is cached on Browser due to future expire header set by your web application? Future expire header is suggested for static content such as image, CSS and JavaScript. These are the contents that rarely change and can be set in future. If you… (Continue)

SEO and Old Blog Post

What should a blogger do when a blogger want to rewrite a new post and S/he is not sure whether to write a new post or update the existing one? If an old post is much visited and well ranked then he may think of rewrite it or not? If… (Continue)

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent

Headers are sent by server for informing client about some of the important details. Those details can be Content type, encoding, cache used and so on. Generally you do not have to worry about this. Sometime user needs to modify header information. Headers are sent before any output to the… (Continue)