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Great Post: Float Labels with CSS

Here is a great post on CSS Tricks about new design trick with label and Input field. The design look neat and cool. It is saving of space without being cluttered. Label is mixed with Input field as it seems. New Design Tricks on Roll: Labeling input field On CSS-Tricks,… (Continue)

HTML5 Templates for Index page and Article/Post Page

I have published HTML5 Templates for Blog Index Page and Post page. It should be very helpful for WordPress Theme Developers. Those HTML5 templates are with correct outline and with correct markup helpful for SEO. WIA - Aria is also used in markup. HTML5 Templates… (Continue)

WordPress Plugin for Escaping Markup for Prism Syntax Highlighter

Just a small announcement that a WordPress plugin has been committed for Prism Syntax Highlighter. I liked the plugin as it is really lightweight and fast. The new plugin will allow you to post markup without manually changing the code to post online. What is required is just installation and… (Continue)

What is Tag Soup?

Tag soup refers to markup that is incorrectly written. It has incorrect syntax and document structure. Majors browsers has tag soup parser for interpreting malformed HTML code. I remember FrontPage was too good for this or designer who used to use FrontPage was too good in producing Tag Soup!… (Continue)

Reserved Words in HTML5?

Is there any reserved words in HTML5? I faced problem when I used "term" for Label. <label for="term">Term:</label><input id="term" type="text" value="" /> When I click on Label then it does not highlight Input box. To make it work, I need to use "terms" for input element id and accordingly change… (Continue)

Table Sorting in JavaScript

Here is code which is an extension of Client-side Table Sorting using JavaScript. This extension add few features to the table sorting code in javaScript. This code does not need to add event handler in HTML code. Using JavaScript itself, hander is getting added. Based on string in column, sorting… (Continue)

Learn YUI3 – Create new Element/Node and Apply CSS

I am continue on learning YUI and posting it here for all to read as part of YUI3 tutorial. This post is a part of YUI node under YUI tutorial series. Creating new Element using YUI3: The below example will create DIV, SPAN and P and present different different scenarios.… (Continue)

Rewritten HTML encoding tool for Blogger

Today I have written HTML tool for blogger. It was earlier in PHP and now it is in JavaScript. HTML encoding application written in PHP was converting converting &, ", ', for posting codes online. I intended to do that in JavaScript. It can be simple as just searching each… (Continue)

Default List Design using CSS (UL/OL/LI)

Designing List using CSS is not a big thing. Generally I need to use few lines for simple setting of List (<li>). One things that creates problem every time is IE6 and IE7. I always see by surprise why why so much padding/margin IE6 and IE7 getting whereas IE8 and… (Continue)