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Few important change in IFrame in HTML5 IFrame can be more securely used. IFrame in HTML5 provides various control attributes and values to achieve the desired security level. IFRAME Attribute - sandbox: As the word "sandbox" gives feeling, it really creates a sandbox for Iframe content. Iframe work as a… (Continue)

Know the HTML5 Elements in a Funny way!

My Firefox version is 3.6.24 and for that I got this output. Output is nicely formatted on result page. I just copied the result and HTML has come but CSS is missing. Point your browser here and get your browser's score card. Your browser scores 179 and 4 bonus points… (Continue)

Fight between WHATWG and W3C; Fight for HTML5 Specification

Very good discussion posted by Stephen Shankland about new HTML specification (HTML5), W3C, WHATWG and few very important persons involved in development of new specification for HTML5. I have found the post very interesting and useful for all those who are related to web development. He discussed about state of… (Continue)

HTML5 – What I don’t like?

I have not read everything about the HTML5, but whatever I have read and come to know from different places, I have these objections in HTML5 specification, which is still in draft mode. HTML5 has no restriction on attributes value quoted or not. HTML element name can be small case… (Continue)