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Change Micromax USB Dongle’s Default AutoLoad Page

I recently need to use USB Dongle. I generally prefer Broadband wired connected. Whenever I connected to internet using Micromax USB dongle, it loads page, which is stuffed with so much of content. This takes bandwidth and in mobile connection it was proving costly. It is getting 2.88 mb… (Continue)

Sadly Old Internet Explorer is Still Alive

I was working on the theme of this blog which I designed. It was my way to know more about WordPress. I needed to know which Web Browser version visitors are using so that I can target for it. I saw still many people are visiting using old Internet Explorer.… (Continue)

Faced First Glitch in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

First glitch faced in experimental Internet Explorer 11 today was due to User Agent. Few of Web Apps on HCL are still does not work without IE. and you know that new Internet Explorer 11 have different User Agent so that old IE related hacks does not get applied to… (Continue)

Internet Explorer 11 Test-Drive

Just downloaded Internet Explorer 11 to check the browser. IE 11 is in developer version but working without any problem. Yes, it has been warned that issue can come and you may need to update browser frequently. Update will come frequently for sure as this is still in development. Download… (Continue)

Browser Market Share – Sept, 2010

Browser Market Share, Sept 2010 - Worldwide Browser Market share, sept 2010 Browser Market Share, Sept 2010 - Worldwide, Visitors Sept 2010 browser share - visitors 54.17 % - Firefox, 22.25% - Chrome, 16.72 % - IE, 3.82 % - Safari, 2.27 % - Opera. Browser Market Share,… (Continue)

Default List Design using CSS (UL/OL/LI)

Designing List using CSS is not a big thing. Generally I need to use few lines for simple setting of List (<li>). One things that creates problem every time is IE6 and IE7. I always see by surprise why why so much padding/margin IE6 and IE7 getting whereas IE8 and… (Continue)

Web Browser IE is Up, Firefox and Chrome is down

In recent two consecutive months, IE has gained market share whereas Firefox and Chrome browser has lost market share in web browser usage world wide. This seems unrealistic considering Chrome and Firefox hype about fastness, secure and other features among youngsters. For Internet Explorer, June and July, 2010 has been… (Continue)

How to Display Broken Images in Firefox?

Firefox does not display broken image. If image has alt attribute set then Firefox will display alt text otherwise if will not display anything. IE display cross marked image when image is broken, when image cannot be found at the source. Firefox does it all for making the web page… (Continue)

How to Clear Browser Cache ?

Here is an article for - How to clear your browser cache? It is not a question for most of you but I am writing it for all those who are reaching at How to Delete Cached File on Client Side ? when they just want to delete his own… (Continue)

HTML Symbol for Check Mark and Others

Here is another hurriedly written post but have some meaning to share with you. I got a promo mock up and there was a check mark (tick mark) symbol that is generally available in MS word. For that list items, I need image to use with CSS (list-style-image:url();). and that… (Continue)