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Few important change in IFrame in HTML5 IFrame can be more securely used. IFrame in HTML5 provides various control attributes and values to achieve the desired security level. IFRAME Attribute - sandbox: As the word "sandbox" gives feeling, it really creates a sandbox for Iframe content. Iframe work as a… (Continue)

Controlling JavaScript Execution Order

Here is my experiment with delaying JavaScript execution order. I have tried various methods I can remember and all failed. So, I have written an efficient script (I think!) for delaying the execution of dependent JavaScript code. I had three lines of code. First was External JavaScript file. Second was… (Continue)

Javascript and IFrame, problem in Search Engine Ranking

Use of JavaScript and Iframe/Frame in website can be very bad for Search Engine Optimization. Little bit of JavaScript can be taken care of by Search Engine but Iframe is no-no for Search Engine. Mixing both of JavaScript and Iframe is too bad for SEO point of view. It will… (Continue)