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WebP – Image Format for the Web

WebP is the new image format for the web. Google is working on the project. Here is the comparison of the image with optimized image format (PNG). Currently png format is considered optimized one for web. But the new image format WebP is reducing the size by 25 percent. If… (Continue)

PHP Image Info Function. View Exif info of Images

Using PHP information function, you can write small script to review your camera setting at the time of image capture. Here is small script to view images in a folder with few important settings. Sample Output: If you want more information for each image then un-comment the line (//print_r($exif['EXIF']);) and… (Continue)

How to Display Broken Images in Firefox?

Firefox does not display broken image. If image has alt attribute set then Firefox will display alt text otherwise if will not display anything. IE display cross marked image when image is broken, when image cannot be found at the source. Firefox does it all for making the web page… (Continue)

Image Not Available : Easy Solution for Missing Images

What to do if image is not available in the source you are reading dynamically. Firefox will not show anything (if alt text not available) and IE will show bad looking cross image. I was working on a page where some data was coming from outside and based on that… (Continue)

SEO, Adsense and use of Images

Search Engine Optimization and image have a relation. When you use image for text, then Search Engine cannot read what the image has said. This can be good for Adsense and bad for SEO. Adsense and other contextual advertising tool check the content inside an article and then place advertisements… (Continue)

Image Swap with Text for Search Engine Optimization

This article is for CSS Image swap with text for SEO purpose. This article is also for the following reasons: I need to create a template kind of system on a page, so that new row can be added easily without any new consideration of the styling. All image was… (Continue)

Make Image’s Corners Round using GIMP

GIMP is a One of the best image Editor available. It is released under GNU license. So, you can use it free of cost. GIMP is an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc. For person like… (Continue)