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Solution to WordPress Blank Web Pages without error Display

Are you getting blank pages on WordPress without any error displaying on web browser? I got this error when I have deactivated the W3 Total Cache and with that removed subdomain used as cdn. Therefore, I have shifted all the media files to normal upload directly. In the process I… (Continue)

How to Install WordPress on Localhost (Window)

Having a working copy of WordPress hosted on your local Desktop or Laptop is very advantageous. You can easily test any kind of scripts. You can modify the PHP script and test whether it is working or not without taking any risk of making your blog/website down for a single… (Continue)

Install and Learn PHP Symfony Framework

Symfony Framework is riding on popularity chart. Yahoo has used symfony for their bookmark project. Symfony framework is very helpful in development of big web 2.0 websites. It provides various facilities: * simple templating and helpers* cache management* smart URLs (Search Engine Friendly)* scaffolding* multilingualism and I18N support* object model… (Continue)