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Yahoo Products List

Here is a Yahoo products list: You may find it interesting to see all yahoo products listed at one place. Google has taken space for many products in such a way we do not bother to look around. Generally Yahoo! has parallel products for all Google products. I had a… (Continue)

Evolution/History of XML

Here is a very short story about history and evolution of XML. A kind of markup language was in use in publishing industry long before the formal markup we know these days. The text that needs to be marked as bold on paper was marked as 'B', so that that… (Continue)

Google’s secret plan – be a data center of whole Internet

What do you think is the Google's biggest goal. Sure they will say that we are planning to make internet experience and web presence better but how they think of it. What is the single most goal! I think Google want to capture all available data on the internet and… (Continue)

Got Google Wave Invitation

Yesterday, I got Google Wave invitation. It has asked me to fill a form. The form asked few details and also asked about the possible username I want to take. It has asked me three possible usernames and telling all three usernames was mandatory. Funny! I got invitation on the… (Continue)

Web Audience Now Tops 1 Billion

Web Audience Now Tops 1 Billion The audience of the entire Internet for the first time crossed one billion users in December 2008. That’s a pretty huge milestone for the web, though it would still only represent about 15% of the world population. The greatest number of netizens come from… (Continue)