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YUI3 Tutorial: YUI Node with Examples – 1

YUI has a node utility for creating, collecting and manipulating node. Each node represent DOM node. It helps in managing style, subscribing to events, and dynamically loading content and many more things. We can use for single node, Y.all() for multiple node (nodeList) and, which is same as… (Continue)

YUI3 Overlay – Working Example with Code

Here is fourth post about YUI. It will result in Facebook like draggable floating div using YUI3. Earlier post about YUI3 were Learn YUI3, Learn YUI3: Playing with Events and Putting Callbacks, Learn YUI3: Attach Event to Dynamic Content. This post is regarding Overlay using YUI3. This a how the… (Continue)

Learn YUI3: Attach Event to Dynamic Content

How would you attach event to dynamically generated content such as li, div? Many elements are dynamically created based on user action. Something like search result, carousel, or other kind of tool where you have next, prev button generally add content dynamically to the container. Usually one may thing of… (Continue)

Learn YUI3: Playing with Events and Putting Callbacks

This is 2nd one in the series of YUI3 learning. Previous one in the tutorial was about node, how to access node and its properties in YUI3. I have also shown examples of domready events there. Use of Events are very common in JavaScript programming. OnClick and Hover is the… (Continue)

JavaScript: Global Variable

We use global variable to share something across functions in JavaScript. Here is an example script showing - How the global variable behaves in JavaScript, - How we can create global variable, and - How we can use it? <script> // A global variable. It can be defined like this… (Continue)

JavaScript: The Good Parts Book review

I am reading the Book  JavaScript: The Good Parts By Douglas Crockford. I read somewhere that it is good for those who already have some knowledge of JavaScript. I have found that feedback correct. I have purchased the book because I thought that I have some knowledge of JavaScript and… (Continue)

JavaScript: Strip HTML, and get UpperCase and LowerCase words

I was looking for getting all words in uppercase in HTML text using Regex. After solving through Googling and trial and error, I thought to extend the code to return all lowercase words too. <!--Actually I was helping someone on forum and there the question was only for capturing Upper… (Continue)