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jQuery: Update Note

A note when I need to update jQuery library from jQuery version 1.8.3 to latest version (1.10.2). .load event -This method is a shortcut for .on( "load", handler ). .load event deprecated in V 1.8. .live() -For this also use .on() now.   .live() removed in V 1.9 .error() -The error()… (Continue)

YUI3 to JQuery Conversion or Opposite

I have written few lines of YUI3 code and I wanted to convert that into jQuery as it is. I have noted down these differences: YUI to jQuery 1. Instead of just 'this' → $(this). Inside JQuery callback function, 'this' refers to DOM object, not a jQuery object. 2.… (Continue)

Just a quick post about jQuery on Google CDN

I was using 1.3.2 version of jQuery on this blog using Google CDN URL: First this is not very good URL in the sense that few proxy is not good in caching the URLs with parameter. One example is squid. I am not sure about the current version of… (Continue)

Google Analytics: Track Outbound Links And Special Pages

Google analytics has lots of functionality but it does not provide an easy way of tracking outbound links on click. MyBlogLog provides this functionality is very useful way but that is free only 10 entry each days. That also has restriction on free version that you cannot see report after… (Continue)

JQuery: Ajax Example of Select Values Filled Dynamically

This Ajax example will give you an idea of, how to present users a dynamic data based on input using Ajax method. I will use jQuery JavaScript library for this linked select lists example. Dynamically Populate Select List by Ajax is an example using plain JavaScript code. Suppose a user… (Continue)

Javascript: Remove / Delete a Select Option from List

To remove the Options from Select list, you need to assign NULL value to the option you want to delete. Or, you can use function remove() on select object. Solution here are using simple JavaScript. After this, you will find solution using JQuery. <script type="text/javascript"> function remSelOpt(inp1, sel1) { len1… (Continue)

HTML Code Preview Script using JavaScript and JQuery

Sometimes you may want to see online preview of your HTML code. So that you can evaluate your HTML code for correctness and take corrective action if needed. Here this little script, both in simple JavaScript and in JQuery, will provide you evaluation facility for your HTML code. You will… (Continue)