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YUI3 Tutorial: YUI Attribute Selector. Working with Attribute Selector

Here is a separate article on attribute selector. The attribute selector was not working in flexible way. I was facing problem is excluding some some tag based on attribute differences. Here is the HTML snippet I was using and I will use here for Attribute selector example: <a rel="me" href="">My… (Continue)

Learn YUI3: Accessing Attributes of Element and changing it

Here we will play with element's attribute. We will access attributes and change it. It is a part of YUI node learning series. <img class="hotels" src="Marina-Bay-Sands_222812.jpg" widht="310" height="207" /> <button id="bttnImg">Change Image attributes (src, width and height)</button>'#bttnImg').on('click', function(e) { var hotels = Y.all('.hotels'); // get first one and start… (Continue)

Install and Learn PHP Symfony Framework

Symfony Framework is riding on popularity chart. Yahoo has used symfony for their bookmark project. Symfony framework is very helpful in development of big web 2.0 websites. It provides various facilities: * simple templating and helpers* cache management* smart URLs (Search Engine Friendly)* scaffolding* multilingualism and I18N support* object model… (Continue)