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Few Command-Line Utilities for Windows 7

These few command line utilities are useful tools for Window users. These give power of Linux Operating system without booting to separate Linux System. Clink - Bring bash like features to Windows in cmd.exe. We can paste using ctrl+v, history search, word completion, and more. There are way to extend… (Continue)

Adobe Flash Player version 11.2 is the Last one for Linux

Adobe Flash Player 11.2 is the last version for Linux users. It won't relase new versions for Linux user. Adobe will continue to support 11.2 ver for 5 more years. So, security updates etc will be updated till then. Adobe Flash Player is dying slowly! Many tech experts are predicting… (Continue)

Preventing Hacking Attempts With Apache .htaccess

I used to see many URLs which directly looking just a hacking attempts by hackers. Hackers are hackers they may continue to do that but we can try to prevent such effort. So, I hope you have take all common security measures discussed at many places for securing WordPress site.… (Continue)

Linux Email from Command Line with Attachment

Today I was looking for sending attachment from command line. I use bash shell prompt and I wanted to use that so that I do not need to configure email client on my Linux (RedHat) system. I have found very good command line tool to send emails with or without… (Continue)

Linux: Shell Script for Printing Full Path with Filename

Here is a shell script for printing full path with filename. Suppose you have given your shell script a file name=realpath then It will work like this: $realpath filename.txt /home/satya/filename.txt $realpath folderName /home/satya/f1.txt /home/satya/f2.txt, etc It just print files one level deep. #!/bin/sh #find $PWD -name $1 2>/dev/null #find $PWD… (Continue)

Writing Shell Script in Linux/Unix

Today I have tired with shell script which are meaningful and it is something I will remember as well.  Lets first discuss about writing sample shell script! 1. Decide about a place to place your shell scripts. Usually it can be /home/yourUserDir/bin (/home/satya/bin) So, create a directory if it does… (Continue)

Important Linux Vi/Vim Editors commands for Programmers – 2

Here is a collection of only Vi/Vim Editor related commands. It is only a collection of important commands that you can afford to remember and do all important and usual task a programmer need to do while writing scripts. If you got to work on vi/vim editor for long enough… (Continue)

Important Linux Commands for Developers

Here are few Linux/Unix commands useful for developers in day-to-day work. If you worked on Linux system then you may have used these commands but you may just be very basic on those command to stand out. You may need a little brush up with commands so that you can… (Continue)

Free and Open Source Software Support in India

As part of encouragement to Free and Open source software in India, C-DAC has developed EduBOSS. EduBOSS is a variant of BOSS. It is based on Debian Linux distribution. It will come preloaded with educational software developed at C-DAC Chennai. BOSS stands for Bharat Operating System Solutions. BOSS was funded… (Continue)

Firefox alternative, Flock on Ubuntu

I have installed Flock again. This time for using it on my aging Home PC and not just for checking how it looks. My home PC has Ubuntu. I was using Firefox and Opera. But Opera is not correctly supported by Gmail. I was looking for Flock from quite sometime… (Continue)