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My New PHP Server and Domain

This is just a gossip with little information also. I have taken domain again but forget what I have decided earlier. I should use as the main server domain for php.  I have taken satyakaran again as I have taken it earlier and it has expired. but it… (Continue)

Linux Distribution Comparison

Looking for comparing various Linux distributions? At this place you can compare various kind of distribution very easily. Linux has lots of brands and each has something special. This make us confused in selection. This site will not help in every small detail but gives a general idea of various… (Continue)

Installing Window Fonts on Ubuntu (Linux)

Do you know, you can use same fonts installed on Window for Ubuntu machine and also installing window fonts on Ubuntu is very easy. You just need to copy those fonts files to Ubuntu machine. Copy those fonts (from C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\) to Ubuntu using admin right. Using admin right, create a… (Continue)

Playing DAT Media file on Ubuntu

Linux distribution has improved a lot for desktop/ Home user but it still has a lot of room for improvement. Playing various media files is one of the task almost all home users do. It was a tough task even for me getting all the pieces together for making media… (Continue)

Linux – Far better than before

Linux is far better than before now for a desktop environment. Its use of GUI mode with earlier text only mode has helped many person to think of the Linux system. Its use of GUI installer (Ubuntu-Synaptic, Fedora-Yum), which can resolve all dependencies is very helpful for users. It is… (Continue)

Increase Ubuntu Performance

Ubuntu is already fast but it can be faster. I felt it is not so fast or good in gui when I installed ubuntu on my grand old PC. It was not refreshing the screen properly on mouse movement. and another very bad thing was Firefox title bar was not… (Continue)

Quanta Plus Text Editor is Back for me

After so many months, cute Quanta Plus is back for me. I will work on Linux, so now I can use Quanta Plus. As soon as I get an installation, I tried to search for the setting I used to use on my previous installation. I searched some of them… (Continue)