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Now, I Wish to pay for Free Software I am using Regularly

I wish to pay for few software or applications I am using regularly. These software companies can start with very little amount so that it is easier to pay. It should not be costly like Microsoft software. Lets start with USD 2 to 5. After all I am not paying… (Continue)

Online Marketing Importance; Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Importance of online marketing is increasing day by day. I maintain two blogs so little bit of information I also maintain about online marketing. Because of online marketing, spending on online media is also increasing by advertisers on online ads and therefore publishers are getting better chance to earn money… (Continue)

Get Online Live Feed of any topic you want!

Are you a data juggler? Need lots of data to eat, drink and play! Then join LazyFeed. It gives live feed updates from numerous web sites across the web in real time. You will feel full (fool!) of stomach. I tried it and thought who can use this? May be… (Continue)

Strange Marketing Strategy!

I got a trackback from an unexpected location. I have visited that site and found that they have added number of sites that are no way related to their content. You can yourself see the trackback, I have received in post "PHP Session Array" on 25, Oct. Is not that… (Continue)