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Window Essentials: Set of Free Essential Software from Microsoft

Window Essentials constitute few software which are at it for the work. It constitute important software free of cost - Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, Messenger, Mail, Live Writer, MS SkyDrive, and Family Safety. Window Essentials are not much advertised so many people do not know. As soon as you… (Continue)

Free Anti-Virus with Window 7: Window Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials are for users who have genuine Window 7 installed on their system. I saw till date many people are not aware of such anti-virus Software from Microsoft. So, thought to write about it. Microsoft has worked on the basic of security for home users. It was always… (Continue)

IBM’s Market Value is more than Microsoft

After 15 yrs, IBM is again better positioned in market value than Microsoft. IBM's market value is $ 214 billion and Microsoft's market value is $ 213.2 billion. You may all have learnt about IBM during Computer Science study. It once has a near-monopoly in computing. Apple is biggest in… (Continue)

Opentype vs Truetype – Differences

Just few days back we in India, we got Indian Rupee symbol approved by Indian government and so after that we got a font for the new symbol. A company named Foradian has developed the font that has Indian Rupee symbol. Later it added other characters. Rupee Symbol. Indian currency… (Continue)

Open Source is a trouble for Microsoft

Microsoft is continuously shrinking. Its traditional strong base Web Browser - IE , Operating System - Window market is increasingly being captured by Open Source or Proprietary products. Many big vendors has come to support Open Source platform. In Open Source, large user base and community driven products are infusing… (Continue)