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Change Micromax USB Dongle’s Default AutoLoad Page

I recently need to use USB Dongle. I generally prefer Broadband wired connected. Whenever I connected to internet using Micromax USB dongle, it loads page, which is stuffed with so much of content. This takes bandwidth and in mobile connection it was proving costly. It is getting 2.88 mb… (Continue)

First Sample App After Android SDK Download

After downloading Android SDK from, what would you do with Android SDK? Place your Folder at appropriate location and create shortcut to Eclipse.exe to Desktop or wherever you like to have it. After that lets do some setting work for Eclipse ADT. It will helps in every applications and… (Continue)

Most Common Desktop/Laptop and Mobile Screen Resolution Worldwide

Here is most commonly used monitor resolution worldwide by statcounter. Most used Desktop/PC/Laptop monitor resolution is 1366*768. 2nd most used resolution is that old one 1024*768. Yes, it is still relevant. I think those who are into web development may remember it for sure! For this Web Scripting blog, most… (Continue)

Fingerprinting your Smart Device for Serving Ads

Mobile phones and smart devices generally does not use cookie and this makes tracking little difficult on non-login page. For that ads companies are using fingerprinting technologies. This fingerprinting technologies uses your screen size, installed software, OS and other things to identify you. Cache can be cleared frequently and in… (Continue)

Most commonly used programming language for Mobile App Development

What is most commonly used programming languages for Mobile Application Development? If you are not into mobile application development then this question may have come into your mind! I also have this question and I saw that PHP is not good enough. 🙁 If you are mainly a PHP programmer… (Continue)