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Website Performance: Optimizing FavIcon

We talk about so many things when website optimization topic comes but rarely we talk about optimizing favicon. Even if we read about favicon then we just ignore it and try to optimize everything else first. Favicon is an image so optimizing FavIcon can give us good result. My new… (Continue)

Website Optimization using Data URI

Before thinking of optimizing website using data Uri, are you aware of Data URI? Data URI is a scheme using which allow including data inline on web page. For example image can be embedded in CSS or HTML file directly. Data URI format for embedding resource directly on page: data:[<MIME-type>][;charset=<encoding>][;base64],<data>… (Continue)

Website Optimization plugin: Ordering Stylesheet and Javascript

Here I have discussed about one of many ways of Website Optimization and a WordPress plugin that helps in achieving the optimization tips discussed here. Did you ever read about Website Optimization of website/blog through ordering styles and Scripts in head section? If you like your website load in browser… (Continue)

SEO, Adsense and use of Images

Search Engine Optimization and image have a relation. When you use image for text, then Search Engine cannot read what the image has said. This can be good for Adsense and bad for SEO. Adsense and other contextual advertising tool check the content inside an article and then place advertisements… (Continue)

Optimized Images at your Desktop in just Two clicks

You can get all background images and other images, you are using on multiple pages, on your website get optimized in two clicks. You will find it at your desktop. Image optimization is very important for your page loading time and speed of your site. It saves valuable bandwidth also… (Continue)

Google’s Website Performance tool – Page-Speed

Google has introduced website optimization tool, which is like yahoo's yslow. Like Yslow, page-speed also use Firebug as a platform. So, before installing page-speed, install Mozilla Firebug Add-on on your system. It is simple to use and understand. It comes with ready and easy to use help guide. Page-speed can… (Continue)