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Y2K38 Bug and PHP DateTime Class to the rescue

Are you aware of Y2K38 bug. I guess you are aware of it but do not know it by name. You may know that on 32 bit system, PHP date time can work from 1970 to 2038. 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038 is farthest date you can use to… (Continue)

Google Chrome OS – something unusual

You all know about Operating System! right. So, you will find few points related to Google Chrome OS very difficult to digest. No browser installation, No Ms Office, Adobe Air installation, Chrome OS does not support driver. So, cannot be installed on Laptop. It is a very short information you… (Continue)

Linux – Far better than before

Linux is far better than before now for a desktop environment. Its use of GUI mode with earlier text only mode has helped many person to think of the Linux system. Its use of GUI installer (Ubuntu-Synaptic, Fedora-Yum), which can resolve all dependencies is very helpful for users. It is… (Continue)