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Page Navigation for WordPress

Just a quick post as I understood something important about WordPress famous plugin for paging - WP-PageNavi. My configuration for this was not very correct and it was getting 404 Not found in Google webmaster tool. I think you would not like to see those error in webmaster tool. And… (Continue)

Paging in PHP, MySQL and Ajax

Here is a paging PHP script using PHP, MySQL and Ajax. In pagination, data present is of same nature thus page loading is not required. So, Ajax use is very justified in paging. I am using almost the same code, I used in Paging using PHP and MySQL for simplicity.… (Continue)

Paging using php and mysql

Here this script is for splitting MySQL query result into multiple pages/dynamic paging. CSS is provided for sample style only. # No. indicates changes needed or you would like to change. It will show 2 rows per page only. Change $recordsPerPage for more records per pages. Change at marked places… (Continue)