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Best Way to use Font Awesome Icons

I have already written two posts about using Font-Awesome. Now this posts in not about getting icons on web page but about using their CSS and Font file in best possible way (as I know!). Instead of calling directly their file on CDN, get all font-awesome provided css and club… (Continue)

Website Performance: Optimizing FavIcon

We talk about so many things when website optimization topic comes but rarely we talk about optimizing favicon. Even if we read about favicon then we just ignore it and try to optimize everything else first. Favicon is an image so optimizing FavIcon can give us good result. My new… (Continue)

Effect of Cloudflare on Page Load Time on Satya-Weblog

Few weeks before I have started using cloudflare services. This post is regarding the effect on the page load time performance of the blog by using cloud flare CDN. Through this post, I am trying to reveal how much effect cloudflare can have on your website. I am using free… (Continue)

Google Webmaster Site Performance

Google has a webmasters site where you can see many information about your site. Important metrics are search queries, crawl errors, sitemap information, and keywords. There are many other information you can find there. Just register your site and everything will be available once you visit there. Google will collect… (Continue)

Implementing Amazon CloudFront

I am checking Amazon's cloudFront. It is faster than the Amazon S3 for obvious reason. For this to use I need to better revert back all files from Amazon S3 to my own domain so that I can utilize unlimited storage space on my server with fast speed of Amazon… (Continue)

Learn YUI3: Attach Event to Dynamic Content

How would you attach event to dynamically generated content such as li, div? Many elements are dynamically created based on user action. Something like search result, carousel, or other kind of tool where you have next, prev button generally add content dynamically to the container. Usually one may thing of… (Continue)

Website Optimization using Data URI

Before thinking of optimizing website using data Uri, are you aware of Data URI? Data URI is a scheme using which allow including data inline on web page. For example image can be embedded in CSS or HTML file directly. Data URI format for embedding resource directly on page: data:[<MIME-type>][;charset=<encoding>][;base64],<data>… (Continue)