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Detect Character Encoding Problems

What could be the possible cause of encoding problem on Web page? It could be that page is not having proper encoding set using <meta charset="UTF-8">. This better handled using Server (Apache) response header. It could be that text is not properly encoded. Text can come from Database or directly… (Continue)

Best PHP IDE – PhpStorm and Sublime Text

Here is a quick post about Best PHP IDE. PhpStorm and Sublime Text has won as best PHP IDE. PhpStorm is not free but Sublime Text is free. Both Sublime Text and PhpStorm are multi platform and supports many language. Both support many languages so developers who work on many… (Continue)

Documenting PHP Code Properly in Easy Way

Writing code self explanatory is the best and safest way to keep our code clean. This make our code professional. Sometimes I saw people write code which include variable name or function names using any word from their own mother tongue instead of any meaningful name for the context. Whatever… (Continue)

HHVM Rocking in PHP World

Just read about HHVM again on Sitepoint after two years of its inception. HHVM compiles PHP code to bytecode and then on real time to native code. HHVM is used by Facebook to serve billions of web requests per day. To date, HHVM (and its predecessor HPHPc before it) has… (Continue)

Evil PHP can Weaken you!

Here is a talk on PHP from Richard on PHP Uk Conference, 2013. He is talking about PHP vulnerabilities and solutions to that. At last, as a case study, he discusses about how to get twitter password from system. Cool!… (Continue)

Check LocalHost When Virtual Host Setting used?

How to test if code is running on localhost or not when VirtualHost settings are used on Apache? We used to test this and have config file configured according to that! Generally we need to have different setting on localhost to test Web Applications. This code won't work on localhost… (Continue)

Run PHP Code Online Without Going through any Setup

Quickly running PHP code online is a best way to test something. It gives instantly a setup that help us run our PHP code. This online setup can work from anywhere we have Internet access and not just from development machine. I today tested two of the online App and… (Continue)

Alex Gorbatchev’s Syntax Highlighter to PrismJs

Here is big help for those who are using Alex Gorbatchev's Syntax Highlighter and want to use lightweight Syntax Highlighter called prismjs for their blog or website. This code is in written in PHP and WordPress is also in PHP, so those who are using WordPress can easily use this… (Continue)

Now, Build PHP Extensions Without Knowing C

PHP is build in C language so if you want to build extensions for PHP then you need to know C. Now, with a framework available to act as middleman, you can build PHP extensions in PHP. Zephir is one such framework written to write PHP extension. It is in… (Continue)

Basic PHP Security

When it comes to PHP, some 99% of amateur sites and 60-70% of all sites use the professional scripting language called PHP. But is it safe to use PHP? Does the implementation of the language not have any gaps that are critical to the operation of our applications? But remember… (Continue)