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Dart Language: Better Alternative to JavaScript

Google has developed Dart Language for Web Development to replace JavaScript. It will replace all bad part of JavaScript and keep good part and add few more features to make developers task easier and web page less prone to error. Of course speed is very important factor for developing dart… (Continue)

Programming Language History in a Funny Way

James Iry has compiled history of programming language in funny way. His title of the article suggest that it can be incomplete as when someone tried inventing programming language but have not announced at the same time and language develop with time and for what reason can be doubtful. His… (Continue)

Programming Language Rank June 07

This is a programming language rank for June 2007. PHP is at number Five position, which is very good. Source: TIOBE PositionJun 2007 PositionJun 2006 Delta in Position Programming Language RatingsJun 2007 DeltaJun 2006 Status 1 1 Java 20.025% -1.10% A 2 2 C 15.967% -2.29% A 3 3 C++… (Continue)