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SEO, Adsense and use of Images

Search Engine Optimization and image have a relation. When you use image for text, then Search Engine cannot read what the image has said. This can be good for Adsense and bad for SEO. Adsense and other contextual advertising tool check the content inside an article and then place advertisements… (Continue)

Set Preferred Domain (http:// or http://www.)

Google ask your preferred domain in webmaster. Preferred domain is one which you like to appear on search result page. Google will try to index your site according to preferred domain of your choice. So, web site can appear as or I have set my preferred domain… (Continue)

WordPress SEO – rel=nofollow for Trackback/pingback Links

Trackbacks and pingbacks from low pagerank sites or blogs can eat your pagerank juice. Trackbacks looks good as this says someone has liked you post, but this can be harmful for your website importance, as you are giving link to them. Some themes in wordpress can have rel="nofollow" added to… (Continue)

Check And See Your Website/Blog Alexa Ranking Graph!

Cannot you see your website's Alexa ranking graph! and you want to see you Alexa ranking now! Here is your solution to see your Alexa ranking graph without any hiccup. J Hope your website have ranking on the Alexa. Even if you have low ranking ( < 100000) then also… (Continue)

Programming Language Rank June 07

This is a programming language rank for June 2007. PHP is at number Five position, which is very good. Source: TIOBE PositionJun 2007 PositionJun 2006 Delta in Position Programming Language RatingsJun 2007 DeltaJun 2006 Status 1 1 Java 20.025% -1.10% A 2 2 C 15.967% -2.29% A 3 3 C++… (Continue)