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Modifying WordPress Comment page for informing commenter

When a commenter comment on a post then you may be queuing it for approval before it can appear on your WordPress blog. In that case, commenter is not getting any feedback about when you are going to approve it, how much time it may take etc. For full time… (Continue)

Redirect WordPress feed to Feedburner

Update (21-02-2010): I become tired testing Feedburner for recursive redirection problem. I need to wait for feedburner's FeedBulletin for my account. and It does not come to check as and when you say to do so.  So, I have got a smart solution which can get me what I want… (Continue)

Permanent 301 Redirect, using HTML and PHP

Yes, its true. You can 301 redirect using META HTML tag according to Sebastian. He says, Yahoo and Google accept it as 301 redirect. Though, it must be least preferred method. Using server side script or Server redirect (apache) is preferred method. HTML 301 Permanent Redirect: <html> <head> <title> --Title… (Continue)

PHP Redirect Vs JavaScript Redirect?

Redirect to another web page is possible through PHP as well as JavaScript. So, which one you will choose? PHP is server side language, and JavaScript is Client side. So, redirect through JavaScript will be possible on Client-Side. Redirect on client side means following steps: User request a Page using… (Continue)