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RESTful new Custom Search API by Google

Google has announced new API for Custom Search. It is currently in Labs. It is always confusing for me to what API is for what use. Google has lots of search API for different usage. Google already has this API for Custom Search. [This code has been committed to GitHub.]… (Continue)

PHP: Regex Find and Replace any Word (string or text) at one go

How to achieve find and replace in one go? I tried searching for find and replace at a time then I could not find the direct answer on net. There is find/search at a time or replace. I want to do both. PHP regular expression function preg_replace_callback() can achieve this… (Continue)

Social Browser – Flock, started using Chromium

Flock web browser who has marketed itself as social web browser has released its beta release based on Chromium. It was using Firefox in core. Flock was dubbed as slow, cluttered by many. So, Flock has tried to market itself as faster Web Browser with social tag. It has also… (Continue)

Image Not Available : Easy Solution for Missing Images

What to do if image is not available in the source you are reading dynamically. Firefox will not show anything (if alt text not available) and IE will show bad looking cross image. I was working on a page where some data was coming from outside and based on that… (Continue)

SEO, Adsense and use of Images

Search Engine Optimization and image have a relation. When you use image for text, then Search Engine cannot read what the image has said. This can be good for Adsense and bad for SEO. Adsense and other contextual advertising tool check the content inside an article and then place advertisements… (Continue)

SEO and Old Blog Post

What should a blogger do when a blogger want to rewrite a new post and S/he is not sure whether to write a new post or update the existing one? If an old post is much visited and well ranked then he may think of rewrite it or not? If… (Continue)

Google Custom Search Ajax API – Few more Examples

Here you will get few more examples of Google Custom Search Ajax API. If you are new to custom search engine then you will think how it will look and how to use various search hosting options Google has provided in Custom Search Engine. So, here you will get glimpse… (Continue)

Google Ajax Search API – Description and Example

Want to add Google Search in your website or blog? Google AJAX search API is available to add on any website you own. You can restrict the search to the websites you own with Google Custom Search Engine. It can be single site or multiple sites or whole of internet.… (Continue)