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Client-Side Security Threats and Solutions

With so many new APIs came with HTML5, new web security challenges with it. There are few new security solutions we can use to secure our websites. Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=3600; includeSubDomains Secure and HttpOnly Cookie attributes Content-Security-Policy: policy: Defines the origin of all scripts and images. It even disables all inline… (Continue)

Free Anti-Virus with Window 7: Window Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials are for users who have genuine Window 7 installed on their system. I saw till date many people are not aware of such anti-virus Software from Microsoft. So, thought to write about it. Microsoft has worked on the basic of security for home users. It was always… (Continue)

Basic PHP Security

When it comes to PHP, some 99% of amateur sites and 60-70% of all sites use the professional scripting language called PHP. But is it safe to use PHP? Does the implementation of the language not have any gaps that are critical to the operation of our applications? But remember… (Continue)

Preventing Hacking Attempts With Apache .htaccess

I used to see many URLs which directly looking just a hacking attempts by hackers. Hackers are hackers they may continue to do that but we can try to prevent such effort. So, I hope you have take all common security measures discussed at many places for securing WordPress site.… (Continue)

Facebook: How to Logout from all Logged in Devices ?

Forgot to logout from somewhere! Do you want to logout from logged in devices you logged in yourself but now thinking of someone else may be using it! Well, Facebook has the facility to help you get detail about logged in devices and logout from those places if you wish… (Continue)

Intel Chip with Login Protection

Intel chip can protect your login credential in websites. It is defense in depth. You will login with your regular login and password on a website then it will ask for if you want to go for Identity protection technology! If you agreed then it assign a unique number to… (Continue)

Facebook Security Issue: Save yourself from Bad Applications

Facebook has many applications you might tempt to use. One such application is the application which claims to show how many visitor visiting to your profile. Control yourself from using these kind of application. Check on net before using any application or don't use them. Even after controlling yourself from… (Continue)

PHP and Mysql SQL Injection Example

SQL injection is one very common attack on PHP application. Earlier PHP has magic_quotes_gpc() On by default but now after version 5.3 it will be deprecated. So, whatever security was available due to magic quotes will go after PHP version 5.3. For the attack, attacker need to know a little… (Continue)

PHP Security – Few Concerns

Here are few concerns we should take into consideration when developing application using PHP. Error reporting: Error reporting can be useful to help us avoiding very common security mistake that add vulnerabilities to PHP applications. On production website, display error will be set to Off and we as developer do… (Continue)

Google Redirect Virus Causing Google Result Redirected

I faced security problem in my system. It has given a tough time for 2 days. I have a licensed version of McAfee Anti-Virus, but still I got infected with Google redirect virus. The virus was affecting the search result. So, when I have searched anything in Google and on… (Continue)