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JQuery: Ajax Example of Select Values Filled Dynamically

This Ajax example will give you an idea of, how to present users a dynamic data based on input using Ajax method. I will use jQuery JavaScript library for this linked select lists example. Dynamically Populate Select List by Ajax is an example using plain JavaScript code. Suppose a user… (Continue)

Javascript: Remove / Delete a Select Option from List

To remove the Options from Select list, you need to assign NULL value to the option you want to delete. Or, you can use function remove() on select object. Solution here are using simple JavaScript. After this, you will find solution using JQuery. <script type="text/javascript"> function remSelOpt(inp1, sel1) { len1… (Continue)

Select all from textarea/ text input on onclick event

Here when an user click on a text link "select all", all the contents of the textarea will be highlighted. You can use onclick event directly on textarea also. <script type="text/javascript"> function select_all(element1) { // first set focus document.frm1.elements[element1].focus(); // select all contents document.frm1.elements[element1].select(); } </script> <form name="frm1"> <a href="#"… (Continue)