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WordPress SEO: Breadcrumb for each Post!

All of you may have already noticed that Google has started displaying breadcrumb in place of URL at the bottom of each search result. So, if you have breadcrumb for posts then that will visible to person searching for something and your page come in result page. Breadcrumb is displayed… (Continue)

Image Swap with Text for Search Engine Optimization

This article is for CSS Image swap with text for SEO purpose. This article is also for the following reasons: I need to create a template kind of system on a page, so that new row can be added easily without any new consideration of the styling. All image was… (Continue)

Google Caching: Found Something New Today

I have just discovered something new related to Google caching of indexed pages. As, many of you know, this blog is transferred from I did on my old blog. On the Search Engine Result Page, I clicked on "cached" link. To my surprise, I have found my new… (Continue)

WordPress SEO – rel=nofollow for Trackback/pingback Links

Trackbacks and pingbacks from low pagerank sites or blogs can eat your pagerank juice. Trackbacks looks good as this says someone has liked you post, but this can be harmful for your website importance, as you are giving link to them. Some themes in wordpress can have rel="nofollow" added to… (Continue)

Help Google GeoTarget Your WebSite

Google has a setting in Webmaster tools which help webmaster to help Google understand your target location. This will help Google presenting your site in that location's search result. In other way this will get you more targeted visitors free of cost. I read interesting theory of Google concept of… (Continue)

Javascript and IFrame, problem in Search Engine Ranking

Use of JavaScript and Iframe/Frame in website can be very bad for Search Engine Optimization. Little bit of JavaScript can be taken care of by Search Engine but Iframe is no-no for Search Engine. Mixing both of JavaScript and Iframe is too bad for SEO point of view. It will… (Continue)

Website Sitemap Use and its Format

Sitemap is map of your website/blog. This will help user understand your site without visiting each of your web pages. Online users spent very little time understanding your site. If they do not found the information they want, they will quickly move out from your site. Seeing your sitemap, user… (Continue)

Javascript and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

JavaScript and SEO do not go well along. Use of JavaScript has revolutionized the websites, especially on all web 2.0 sites. JavaScript is no longer considered bad for sites as this can be disabled on many browsers. Still it is not very good for SEO point of view. Search bots… (Continue)

Use of Apache URL REWRITE (mod_rewrite)

Once I was wondering what the use of Apache module - mod_rewrite is. What I will achieve with mod_rewrite kind of heavy module. I get many answers like I can redirect user to new page without user knowledge. Another case is when document root has changed. Examples are many but… (Continue)

Simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Writing good page content is useful for retaining your users and attracting new users. It is the best mantra (tips) for your online success. Search engine give you readers free of cost. So,why miss it? These are the simple tips for SEO from my memory: Use <h1> tag for your… (Continue)