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Google’s secret plan – be a data center of whole Internet

What do you think is the Google's biggest goal. Sure they will say that we are planning to make internet experience and web presence better but how they think of it. What is the single most goal! I think Google want to capture all available data on the internet and… (Continue)

Brizzly – a Chrome Extension for Facebook and Twitter

Today, I have tried Brizzly. It is a Google Chrome browser extension. It is a perfect extension if you are using fast browser Chrome on your system and you also regularly use Facebook and Twitter application. As I have experienced it is fast and works well for both Facebook and… (Continue)

Share files on Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging service but twitter is receiving massive hits per day. For this reason you will find multitude of services made for Twitter. FileSocial is a service provider which says you can upload any kind of files - be it images or video. So, share heavy files on… (Continue)