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Google Search with Social Media

Google is integrating Google Search with Social Media. Now you can share content on Google+ from the Search page itself. It has also removed the top Navigation Bar having links to +You Web Image etc with Drop-Down on Google Logo. Here is the screenshot of the change I see. Though… (Continue)

Advantages and Disadvantages of working for a Small IT organization

I have written an article highlighting advantages and disadvantages of working in small IT organization. It is based on experience working at various places and in different organizations. There can be more advantages and disadvantages other than I have mentioned there. You are requested to share yours so that other… (Continue)

Future of WikiLeaks

After reading an article about a ban on WikiLeaks from Bank of America, I thought to write a short article on WikiLeaks. Bank of America has banned any transaction meant for WikiLeaks. Many banks and payment gateways has already done that to eclipse the future of WikiLeaks. Please follow to… (Continue)

Social Browser – Flock, started using Chromium

Flock web browser who has marketed itself as social web browser has released its beta release based on Chromium. It was using Firefox in core. Flock was dubbed as slow, cluttered by many. So, Flock has tried to market itself as faster Web Browser with social tag. It has also… (Continue)

Google’s secret plan – be a data center of whole Internet

What do you think is the Google's biggest goal. Sure they will say that we are planning to make internet experience and web presence better but how they think of it. What is the single most goal! I think Google want to capture all available data on the internet and… (Continue)

Got Google Wave Invitation

Yesterday, I got Google Wave invitation. It has asked me to fill a form. The form asked few details and also asked about the possible username I want to take. It has asked me three possible usernames and telling all three usernames was mandatory. Funny! I got invitation on the… (Continue)

JavaScript Playground – GreaseMonkey

I think, Greasemonkey is a playground for javaScript. JavaScript will play according to your rule. May be my understanding of GreaseMoneky is not good, but I do not see much use of it as a developer, because I cannot develop it and give it to other common users. Though it… (Continue)

Send Tweet from Airtel India

Twitter has partnership with Airtel recently. Now, anyone can send tweet using the Airtel mobile from anywhere in India. Tweet on normal SMS charge. There is no special charge for tweeting. Airtel is the largest mobile operator in India. Send START to 53000 and start tweeting. According to today' news… (Continue)

Hi5 Image Downloader

I had few images on Hi5 - a social networking site, I want to download. I had already deactivated the profile. I was not using it, but Thanks to Hi5,Hi5 has reactivated it. Only bad was that my name was search-able even after disabling it. I had few very important… (Continue)